Sonos Unable to browse Music on Spotify Message

Sonos Unable to browse Music on Spotify Message

Hi there and Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to all of you,

My name is Mark and this is my first post to the community so I hope I have put it in the right section.


I have been a Spotify member for a few years now and had Sonos in my home for 2 years.  I noticed a couple of days ago that I could no longer stream any of my Spotify playlist via my Sonos system.  Each time I try to access Spotify I receive a message stating 'Unable to browse music'.  I was wondering if anyone else is having similar problems and if anyone knows what is wrong.


I have included a screenshot of the message I am receiving.


Many thanks in advance of any help in this matter




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same problem here (Germany) using Spotify with Sonos.

The Spotify app on my iBook works fine.

My Napster account works fine also with my Sonos System.

So the problem is probably on the sonos<>spotify connection.

In the Sonos forums the problem with Spotify is known.

I am seriously Sichuan of Spotify and Sonos outages over last two days. Still no service!!

Hi Mark,

I just had the same problem.
I unistalled the link between sonos and spotify and reinstall it but it didn't solve the problem.
I sent amail to spotify and hope to get an answer very soon.



@all, please write a mail to Spotify ...


You´ll find the contact form at the bottom of the page,click on "about" and then on "Contact form" (or similar).


You should point out your network connection is ok (eg. Google-Search works) -this information will help the support, to exclude technical network problems at your site!


Any response to this issue? We are paying 9,99 to listen to spotify via sonos, so get up and solve the problem!

same issue two days without being able to stream to sonos system via sonos app. appreciate this maybe a sonos issue.

Same issue...

same issue here (the netherlands)
i tried it via the app on my ipad and iphone and via my windows pc: same problem.

if sonos and spotify stop working together I will be very upset!!

Exactly the same issue. Spotify works from every other device but Sonos will not connect to the service. I have also tried reauthorizing the account (several times) and ensuring that all wireless access points in my home are on different channels so not to interfere with each other.





I'm having the exact same problem. On the Sonos app on 2 different iphones, an Ipad, a Imac and a macbook pro I cannot view my playlists that have been created on Spotify ( get "unable to browse music message ). I can play new releases and search for songs etc fine. I can even see the name of the playlists but get unable to browse music when I select one. Shame really as I was testing Spotify to see how it stands up to my Google Play Music account. It's looking like I will be cancelling Spotify as I don't have any such issues with Google Play Music.


Just to add to this I have been on the phone with Sonos with them Remote viewing my iMac for around 60 minutes and even though they can see the issue they have no idea what is causing it and from their tests believe it is a Spotify issue.

I'm have a similar issue. I can see my Spotify playlists listed in the Sonos controller. But no tracks are listed just "Unable to browse music". Strangely I only see this error for playlists I created myself in Spotify. Other playlists that I follow in Spotify, created by other people, show up in Sonos controller apps and I can see the tracks listed. I also cannot create Spotify playlists from in the Sonos Controller app. I have this issue whether I use the PC software or on Android.


This evening I spent 30mins with a Sonos tech support guy remnote accessing my PC trying many different solutions, none worked. In the end they tried their own spotify account on my PC and that worked fine, they could do everything with playlists that you should be able to do. So Sonos think it is something at Spotify's end and particular to my account.


 i'd like to find  a solution to this. Has anynoe had any luck?

Have you only just upgraded your spotify account to premium to be able to use spotify through Sonos? I ask because I was having the issue when I just upgraded to premium, after a few days the issue went away. Maybe an account propagation issue if the guys at Sonos had no issue either.

Partly for Sonos, yes also to get rid of ads etc.

I've been on Spotify premium for 3 months almost and everything Spotify related in the Sonos controller app works fine. Just issue with my own playlists.

But I'm thinking it is somehow related to my account and it not correctly dealing with my premium account status correctly.

I've now used the Spotify feedback/contact form from the About page. Will have to wait to see if I hear anything back.

I had the same issue with only one of my playlist.  I created a new playlist and started copying songs over 10 or so at a time while making sure the playlist still worked in sonos.  The issue finally happened again and I was able to figure out what song was causing the issue.  Anyway as long as that song was not included in the playlist it worked fine.  Dont have an answer to why that song cause issues but hope that helps others with the same problem

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