Sonos showing 'unable to browse music'

Sonos showing 'unable to browse music'

Hi, so when I try to use my spotify account on Sonos it tells me it is unable to browse music, yet there are two other accounts linked to the sonos system that work perfectly! I have tried creating a seperate login from my Facebook one and clearing the cache but this does not work, not sure what else to do!! Hope you guys can help

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I had the same issue with only one of my playlist. I created a new playlist and started copying songs over 10 or so at a time while making sure the playlist still worked in sonos. The issue finally happened again and I was able to figure out what song was causing the issue. Anyway as long as that song was not included in the playlist it worked fine. Dont have an answer to why that song caused issues but hope that helps others with the same problem

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