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Sorry for being a dork, but could you please...

Sorry for being a dork, but could you please...

... Redesign the entire commnity site?


It's horribly confusing for someone who doesn't hang around here hourly.


* There is no coherent list of forums; I posted an issue some months back and was only able to find it at last as the url to it  was still in my browser history


* Just now I realized I had to click "Help" to get to something aching to a list of forums to select what to type in. Thats not intuitive. I don't want help, I want to discuss something in the community. Help is where I go if I need technical help with the site. From the starting point I am utterly clueless on how to get here. Luckily there was the browser history where I could search for spotify.


* Part of knowing you navigate to the right spot in a site, is making sure there aren't anywhere else you should rather be. Ie from a list of available forums I can much more comfortably know I'm in the right spot to post my concern. Right now I have no clue if there's a better place I should have posted this quetsion for example. It appears I should just post somethingt and magically what I post goes to the rigth place. This is a very uncomfortable way to work, unless you are in here all the time. Which nobody has time to, and frankly is starting to be frowned upon to encourage in this time and age.


* Get rid of that horrible Im not a robot thingy... Or one validation should be enough for some time.


* For a long time I was unable to post because of the labels and/or tags box on the site wouldn't allow me. No matter what I typed, my post was rejected. Utterly frustrating.


All in all this site is something I will never ever come back to unless I really have to. I only took the time to post this since I was already here after having look in on that other concern of mine some while back.

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Hey @torblind.


Thanks for your detailed feedback - we love to see people engage with the Community in this way and being honest and constructive about what they'd like us to improve.


We're doing our best to make people's experience even better in the Community, but this takes time (and indeed money). We'd like to highlight that we've come a long way since we started the Community in 2012, and this article highlights some of the aspects which make us the world-class online community that we are today.


Rest assured that your feedback has been taken into account. We really appreciate you stopped by, and hope to give you more reasons to stick around in the future.


Take care 🙂


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