Soundlink and Bluetooth


Soundlink and Bluetooth

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is Spotify working with the Bose Soundlink (with Bluetooth)?

I'd like to get a Soundlink to play my music outdoor, with good quality, but i dont want to get this speaker, if it doesn't work well with Spotify. So - is it possible to connect Spotify with this speaker via bluetooth (from my laptop, android-phone and pc) or do i need to connect it with AUX(line in/out)? Or can't i play my music with this speaker anyway?


I just found an old post, where a user said that he had some problems to play his spotify music with it : / (Spotify -> Android phone -> Bose Soundlink)


thanks :).

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Bluetooth is handled by your device not by Spotify. The speakers should work with any A2DP Bluetooth-enabled device. Ironically, you may struggle more to get bluetooth streaming from your laptop than your adnroid device.

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You should be able to connect to your Bose Soundlink through your laptop/phone bluetooth connection. Since it's already bluetooth enabled, you shouldn't need any additional connections. Just turn on the speaker, turn on the bluetooth on your phone/laptop and let it detect the speaker.


I have a Bose Sound Dock (when iPods were still a thing) which isn't bluetooth enabled. I didn't want to buy a whole new bluetooth speaker, so I came across a bluetooth adapter at Target for $30 that I can stick into the iPod connecter pin and stream my music that way. It works perfectly fine with both my phone and macbook.


Good luck.