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Spotify BMW Connected Drive Stopped Working

Spotify BMW Connected Drive Stopped Working





United Kingdom



(iPhone 5se)

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(iOS 12)


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About 2 months ago the Spotify BMW connected functionality in my car stopped working properly.  The option to select Spotify no longer appears in the multimedia menu as an option despite the connection assistant confirming that the apps are loaded.  I connect the phone via a USB cable to the car and can still play from Spotify through this connection.  However there is no integration, all I can do is skip tracks forward and back on a playlist already playing.  No Spotify menu or playlist options.

Has anyone else experienced this or know get the Spotify functionality working properly?




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Hey @bubblybrooko! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


This issue is already under investigation. 

Be sure to check this Ongoing Issues thread out for more details about it. ^^



Thanks Nico and thanks for thw quick reply.  I've had a look at the thread you linked, the issue posted there is not the same as the one I am experiencing.  For that user the Spotify app is appearing in iDrive, it isn't for me.  All of the posters also appears to be using Android devices, my issue is with an iPhone (iOS 12) 

Not sure this thread will resolve my issue?

Hey @bubblybrooko.


Thanks for getting back to us.


Feel free to post your personal observation and it will be forwarded to the people in charge of this.


Thanks for your cooperation! Have a nice day.

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