Spotify Chromecast Pausing Randomly

Spotify Chromecast Pausing Randomly

Alot of people have posted threads about the issue of their Spotify App casting through Google Chromecast had been pausing as random intervals in the years past. Mine has done so today, as well.


I have never had any issues playing on my Android device nor casting to my Bluetooth Car, nor from my friends' Spotify's on their phones.


I realized why my Spotify App on my Android casting to the same Google Chromecast on the TV is different.


My friends have Premium Spotify. I do not.


Whenever my Spotify freezes up on Google Chromecast on the TV at the end of a song, I have to switch back to my Android. It then IMMEDIATELY plays an Advertisement on my phone. I tested this several times to be sure and it did it every time.


Just to be sure, I tried several times to force close my Spotify app whenever it froze an song ; cleared the cache on my Android device settings as well as the battery ; turned my phone off for several minutes before turning it back on ; uninstalled and reinstalled the Spotify app ; ensured the Spotify app is up-to-date ; cleared the cache in my Spotify app every time a song froze up.


My songs keep freezing with Google Chromecast on the TV despite all of the attempts to prevent it. I'm 99% sure it is because (for some odd reason) my TV's Google Chromecast is attempting to play the Advertisements and is unable to, and thus freezes the Spotify App. Perhaps we have an Ad-Blocker in place...





Problem: My Spotify App keeps pausing randomly on my Google Chromecast on my TV.


Solution: I don't have Spotify Premium, and I'm pretty sure it's because my Google Chromecast is attempting to play the Ads and is freezing the Spotify App.


Sooo... Spotify, please incorporate something into non-Premium Android Spotify App to allow Ads to be played on Google Chromecast on TV's so that they allow songs to continue playing without freezing the app.


Thank-you! 🙂

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