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Spotify Connect crashes on Marantz

Spotify Connect crashes on Marantz



I have a Marantz SR6010 with Spotify connect. It has always worked without problems until recent firmware update of the Marantz SR6010. 


At first no problems, I play a song from my Nexus 6P (Android 8.1 beta) and the Marantz SR6010 plays it. After the Nexus 6P sleeps and I want to play another song, the Marantz stops playing and reinitialises the network. After a while it gets reinitialed and the Marantz SR6010 gets detected again as a Spotify Connect device.


Is anyone else experiencing such a problem with Spotify Connect? 


Any help is much appreciated.

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This problem isn't solved. Everytime someone touches an Android phone the Spotify app on my Marantz crashes.

I feel u bro. Same here...

Same problem here on a sr7009. Also happens when listening to online radio on the receiver.

Hi All,


I've just stumbled across this thread.


I have the same issue (SR7010) and around a week ago, raised a support ticket with Marantz.  I received the following response:-


Thank you for your inquiry.
Sorry to hear about this.
Unfortunately we have had some similar reports recently.
Our developers are currently investigating this and the cause. Once a cause has been found and if applicable to us, we will of course issues a fix via firmware update.
At this stage I don not have any expected date or time for this.
My sincere apologies for any inconvenience.
Marantz Customer Support
As a temporary workaround, I have a separate Internet Radio attached to the 7010 (analogue input) and / or use a Chromecast to stream "Tune In Radio" and Spotify.
Just to add as nobody has mentioned it yet, my unit also freezes while using the Bluetooth source on the Receiver.
This has temporarily fixed things for me, so I hope this info can help others until a permanent solution can be found.

Found solution. Use remote control and set any Marantz on! With choosing the digital input, start Spotify play a track. Now you can connect, it's been shown ;-))

Ok enough. Can't play more than 2 songs using Connect on my SR6010 without having it crashing. Takes me minutes rebooting everything every time I want the Marantz to show up in Spotify Connect device list and the funnier (I try to laugh at it..) part is when it looks like it is finally ok, waking up my phone (I mean: turning the screen on) will instantaneously make the whole thing to crash with the Marantz displaying: "Trying to connect...".


Just raised a Support ticket to Marantz with a link to this thread. Hope they deal with it asap otherwise there will be no more Marantz for me.


On this, happy new year guys.

Hi All!


Exactly same issue for me for a Marantz 6010. Tokk me a long time to finally discover this thread after trying everything

It appears for me with my phone Nexus 5. No pb with a very old Android tablet, neither with an Iphone.

I've raised the issue on french Marantz support with this thread attached...

Hope someone will find something (or at least a workaround)

Happy new year ! 🙂


Had a reply from them, the issue has been raised to the European branch (I initially contacted the French one). Wait & see...

Hi there,


French support doesn't helped me so much !! (Want them to use Warranty !!)

BUT I've found my issue.

To have this bug reproduced :

- Launch Marantz Online Radio (not necessary Spotify for my part) and turn on tv

- Just wake up my phone by pushing power button at least after one minute

- The tv screen freezed


I've tried a lot of thing but finally appears to make it works by removing "Greenify" Application. I've tried to unroot my phone (by unchecking SUroot app) but it appears that removing greenify do the job.


So, guys, try removing your battery savers apps. Please tell me if you can have it fixed with this tip.

Hope it will help! (After one hour trying to make it crash, no more problem)


:((((((( Not enough.... It looks like it crashed again when removing phone from battery charger... Still searching...



I've just send all the details to Marantz they requested me after I had send in 'my' problem. The needed lot's of info about my network, phones and the reciever. When I know more I will post it here.


Hang in there! 😉

Ditto here -- they have asked for everything (DSP, serial#, etc...) except a sniffer packet trace for when the crash is happening. I hope that they are not just trying to buy time.


FYI here attached is my AVR info and my phone is a Samsung S7. Personally I have seen this problem only when using Samsug's "Power Saving" mode, and after I let the phone aside for a few minutes until this kicks in. At that point, just turning on the phone kills the song and the AVR's network stack.



Got nothing to do with Denon or Marantz but with Android and the amount os MDNS packets which are transmitted from it:

As MDNS packets are transmitted from Android mobile phones every 1 ms

As MDNS packets are transmitted from iPhone every 3sec

Possible work-around also comes from android/google, see:

To permanently turn off Cast media control notifications from displaying on your phone:

Option 1:

On the notification, tap Settings Settings.
Turn 'Show remote control notifications' off Off.
Option 2:

Tap Settings .

Under Personal, tap Google and then Cast media controls and then slide the slider off Off.

To turn notifications back on, slide the slider on On

Thanks mate.

Struggled to find the correct menu but eventually found it in Settings > Google.

Trying it now.

Well, was worth a try, but same issue even after restarting the phone...


Same issue when casting from Spotify Android app to Chromecast.


More and more thinking about an Android/Spotify app evolution that killed the whole thing. Anyone tried to reach out Spotify support about this?

Try creating a guest network with disabled intranet access on your router and assign your Marantz/Denon to that guest network along with a reserved DHCP IP.

 Connected to the guest network with PC/Laptop and find the Marantz/Denon in spotify. Then move your PC back to the normal network as spotify remembers spotify connect units. U can now play music to you Marantz/Denon from both your PCs and  android phone without issues.

Remeber this is a temp solution and may not work or be ideal for everyone.

Thanks for taking the time mate. Will try if my router supports this, which I doubt. And buying a router just because of this is not an option (for now...).


Anyway, having a run at Connect again tonight from my OP5 running Oreo and the latest official version of the Android Spotify app and everything has been smooth for a full hour now. What have I changed? Just plugged in my OP5... Could it be that some kind of battery saving **bleep** is then disabled which prevents the issue from happening? When I tried to manually disable all power saving options I could find in Oreo for the Spotify app it didn't do the trick so I'm wondering what's new here...


Any input appreciated 🙂


EDIT: 3h using Connect w/o any issue (OP5 still plugged in), hadn't happen since weeks... Something definitely linked to power saving management?

Same thing here with my Marantz SR6010.

To be honest, it's pretty pathetic that the Marantz can crash so easily. It's happening since the last firmware update.. It just crashes as soon as my phone gets out of sleep mode.

Have had like 5 sessions oh 3h each w/o any issue since a few days. I just plugged my phone to a power source the whole time I used Connect from it. That's ridiculous but for now that's the only workaround I have as the "guest network" cannot be created from my current router.


Any news from your different support tickets guys?

I have these exact same issue. Losing Spotify Connect connection with my Denon when I touch my phone. Closing Spotify after starting songs seems to help but as soon as I open the app the same issue starts again. So it's not a Marantz issue per se. Drives me absolutely crazy! Whole reason for buying the receiver was Spotify... 

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