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Spotify Connect misinterpreting Google Assistant commands

Spotify Connect misinterpreting Google Assistant commands






Google Home, Home Hub, Cell phone (S10)

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue

Up until very recently, I think maybe the last week or so, when I ask any of my Google Assistant devices to "play music on Living Area" it would play the last song I left off at (from any device I was previously using to play) on the group "Living Area". Now, executing the same command plays the album "Music From Living On The Earth" by Alicia Bay Laurel, an album and artist I have never heard of. The command is heard correcty and Google answers as it should i.e., "Playing music from Spotify on living area". 


I contacted Google support yesterday and spent two hours with them trying to figure out what was wrong. We renamed my group to different names such as "Living Space", "Space", "Jason", "Jason Room". When executing these commands, Spotify would start playing random albums and songs - albums with the words "Living", "Space", or even songs by artists named Jason. 


My partner's account works fine when he says the same commands - his music will pick up from the last song he played and will play on Living Area.


The fact that Google Assistant understands my commands and is giving me the correct responses in return makes me this the issue is either at the point Google passes the information to Spotify or it's something on their (Spotify's) backend which is causing this. Any help is much appreciated!

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