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Spotify Connect not working anymore

Spotify Connect not working anymore

While we (Premium family account) can still stream music over our mobile

devices (Android, iOS), Spotify Connect stopped working a week ago. We

updated our applications at all handhelds. We updated the firmware of

our two audio devices (Denon DNP-730AE, Argon Audio Stream 2) - no

success after all.

When trying to connect, the device is first visible, but the connect fails.

Afterwards, the device disappers from the list of available devices. If we

log out from all devices and login back, the device re-appears, but remains


One device is connected via Ethernet (the Denon player), the other wireless.

The devices are connected to the same subnet. Internet radio, or Airplay

is functional.


Please help to bring Spotify Connect back to working. I really do not want

to enjoy music via my mobile phone's DAC. Thank you!



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Magically, a day after my post, everything resumed working 😉


Thank you!


I've just experienced the same issue. My Spotify player on the iMac doesn't show my speakers that run through my Airport Express, and my iPhone shows the speakers, but doesn't connect?


iTunes works, but Spotify doesn't!



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