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Spotify Connect on Pioneer N-50A

Spotify Connect on Pioneer N-50A


I started a discussion one week ago and got some replies back but no real statemenet neither from Spotify nor from Pioneer. Perhaps I report in the wrong section so here I am again in the right section this time I hope.
Please look for my thread here under "PIONEER-N-50A"
For you information I already contactacte my reseller (device still is under guarantee) but also Pioneer hotline Europe first and now Germany - at least I got a ticket number on the Germany side but still now answer.
I bought and operate this device in Switzerland - looks like other countries using same device don't have this issue: Czech and Brasil as far as I was told.
Thanks for an explantion here.

3 Replies


Hello Spotify team,


Any comment on that, is sombody reading all those posts here or not?

I need a statement please. Thx


Good morning,


Is there anybody at Spotify reading those messages?


If so could you please kindly give at least a statement? I mean: I pay for a service here and also can expect some accurate answers when it comes to issues of that sort.


I wait now ~10 days on an official statement by Spotify.


Ok here the official feedback I got from Pioneer and link to consider.

I was supposed to get a notification by Spotify but it looks like my N-50A, at least in CH, was wrongly disconnected from servers.


So it's in hands between Pioneer/Onko group and my importer/reseller.


At the end it looks like the -A(E) devices both are supposed to still run Spotify.

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