Spotify Connect on Yamaha RX-A2030 stopped working


Spotify Connect on Yamaha RX-A2030 stopped working



some weeks ago my Yamaha RX-A2030 stopped connecting to spotify. I'm not able to play music from my iPad on the receiver. Receiver says "connecting error". It works fine for about 3 or 4 months, then it suddenly stopped without changing anything! I just tried to repower and restart my network, the receiver and my iPad, without success 😞


Any suggestions? Please help!! (otherwise spotify is no longer interesting for me ...)




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Hey cool, just updated the iOS-Spotify-App today to latest version, now it runs again!

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Sounds like you've tried everything. Have you been in touch with Yamaha tech support about this?

Not really, I just scanned their support sites... going to contact them by mail...

Hi - I suggest doing a search of these forums for Yamaha. I think others have had similar problems and have fixed them by doing a reset of the Yamaha receiver to the factory settings using the menu (you will likely lose all your current settings though).

Hi, thank you for answering. I have searched this forum for Yamaha before and have found some posts you mentioned. Unfortunately, doing a reset to factory settings let me loose all my current settings without keeping me away from the "Access Error" in Spotify 😞

This is what Yamaha Germany wrote:


bitte führen Sie einmal folgendes durch:

- den Router vom WWW trennen.

- alle Komponenten vom Router entfernen

- alle Komponenten wieder in den DHCP Client Modus schalten

- alle Hardware und Software Firewalls im System deaktivieren. Wenn ich sage ALLE, dann meine ich ALLE. Router, Rechner, NAS, Bridges usw einfach ALLES

- alle Router resetten und wieder die HArdware Firewall des Routers deaktivieren.

- alle Komponenten Komponenten erneut am Router anschliessen bzw wieder anmelden

- erst wenn ALLE Komponten wieder am Router aktiv sind sämtliche Firewalls wieder aktivieren

- zum Schluss die Verbindung zum WWW wieder herstellen


Jede Firewall hat die Eigenschaft, dass sie Informationen, die innerhalb der DLNA/UPNP Kommunikation zwischen den Komponenten im Netzwerk stattfindet, als BÖSE erkennen und filtern.

Das kann zur Folge haben, dass Komponenten nicht wieder starten, einzelne Funktionen nicht mehr möglich sind.

Eine fehlerfreie Kommunikation aller im Heimnetz befindlichen Geräte ist NUR möglich, wenn keine Firewalls aktiv sind.


I followed this "algorithm" without success. I'm still getting this ugly "access error"-message while trying to play music over the Spotify input 😉


Any other suggestions?



Given the difficulties you are having, I would suggest (though annoying) taking the receiver to someone else's house, with a different network etc and trying to connect it there. (Ideally someone who is currently able to use Spotify Connect with their set up).


If this works (perhaps after another reset) then you have identified that it's an issue between the receiver and your network. If there is still an error then it might be a fault with the receiver?

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Hey cool, just updated the iOS-Spotify-App today to latest version, now it runs again!

That's great news then!

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