Spotify Connect with HEOS and Alexa...device offline

Spotify Connect with HEOS and Alexa...device offline

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I know this has been discussed a few times, but it would appear that this bug is literally being held quiet.

I love Spotify (so Amazon is not yet an option), and I love my HEOS (so Yamaha is not yet an option either). But this is changing.

With my home connected through an Echo it is obvious that I want to use Alexa with my HEOS devices to play Spotify Connect. However, although Alexa is trying to play Spotify she tells me that the HEOS device is offline on all HEOS devices. As all other functions like radio or local files work this way this seems to be a Spotify bug. The HEOS, the Spotify (and the Connect Control....I'll come to this later) skills are activated and set up properly. HEOS, Alexa and Spotify do list the devices and can access them separately without any problem.

For me it would appears that whenever Alexa activates Spotify, Spotify thinks it's connected and blocks all other devices. Also grouping devices doesn't work. It is understood and accepted that even with a premium Spotify account you can access only one device at a time.

In many communities you can read that this is intentional because Denon prefers Amazon, some say this is because of Spotify restrictions. You can even read from Denon that this problem can't be solved, but it can/could.

The Skill "Connect Control" from Lawrence Thorpe has shown that it is possible and has basically embarrassed all others who say this would be too difficult. Great work from Lawrence, by the way. Thanks! This skill basically manages to play Spotify Connect on HEOS devices using Alexa. Not less, but also not more. It lacks on functionality like choosing title, playlist...etc. and can only continue Spotify on other devices.

Now my question: Has this issue been addressed? Is Spotify working on a working connection to HEOS devices through Alexa? Is there light at the end of the tunnel? And if, how far down the road is it?

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Spotify Connect on HEOS speakers with Alexa

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This is a known issue. You can see at that support is "COMING SOON". I bought my Denon on February 12th. Back then, it was also "COMING SOON". I guess Denon, Spotify and me have a different understanding of "SOON". I got fooled.

...and even in April 2021, this feature is not yet available, but it will also be shown cheekily on the website: Spotify comming soon. Stupid bums !


I have exactly the same issue. Is anyone aware of any AVR (9.2, airplay, multiple inputs...) that has proper Spotify-Alexa streaming integration? “Alexa, play Radiohead from Spotify on AVR”

Has anyone tried a Spotify family account? Was curious if having multiple licenses would help with this. Really sucks it doesn’t work correctly!!

So I guess it’s already common knowledge that HEOS and  Alexa work fine so long as you are using the Amazon music. It’s when you switch over to Spotify as a default Alexa player do you run into issues where it says everything is off-line. So to confirm, Spotify or Dennon is the hold up here? Which one?

I gave up on this one. Nothing is happening to sort this out from either side - Soptify and/or Amazon.

I now use my Echo on a Babtech Gateway over KNX to play my HEOS devices. Works, but quite a bit of programming and testing. Could have been easier in the first place.

I believe that this is an Alexa issue in that Amazon typically release features that initially only support Amazon Music or core Alexa features , with Spotify support coming later viz. multi room music, Alexa enabled devices etc. Basically, Amazon need to open up the relevant APIs to third parties to enable such features, so the ball’s in their court. No doubt Denon and others say “coming soon” because that’s what they were led to believe by Amazon.
Using something like an echo input, flex or dot’s aux output into an input in your Amp can almost achieve what you want, albeit you need the amp switched to that input, so it’s not intractable.

I have been waiting for this for years.  The Denon site has had Coming Soon for over 3 years now!


It is not an Amazon issue as my Sonos speaker can play Spotify via Alexa for many years (since day one).


Also means my other Heos equipment (Marantz receiver) can also not play Spotify via Alexa.  Really disappointing, to the point l have been researching how to get all of my equipment into the Sonos world.

It's not only extremely disappointing. It's also just false advertising.
Support for Alexa was what made me go for this Denon.

Another thread, started couple years ago, with recent comments on a just released Heos App update -


Will Alexa + HEOS + Spotify ever work? : heos (

They are talking about a third party app, right? Not a HEOS update?

German Denon support is playing on time. They've just replied: "It's still not possible and we don't know when it will be possible." 😠

Exactly the same. SONOS works great but MARANTZ/DENON/HEOS is just a joke.
Coming Soon ... hahahahahahahahahahaha

Hi, a bit baffled as... I just enabled Alexa on heos home 150+250 this morning, and this literally work fine for a couple of hours, starting different playlists, then i went for some practical stuff and finished the setup with proper alexa grouping, and then now nothing/this result. 

We have had this problem forever and it has become really frustrating that it has not been fixed. Please help Spotify!

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