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Spotify Integration for Algoriddim DJay Pro


Spotify Integration for Algoriddim DJay Pro






Macbook Pro late 2015

Operating System

macOS Catalina 10.15.3


My Question or Issue

I hear rumours that Spotify will no longer be integrated with Algoriddim djay from 1st July 2020 onwards, is this true?  What are you able to tell me about this?  Do you have plans to integrate with any other DJ software (e.g. Serato, Rekordbox etc.) in the future?

Top Answer
Spotify Legend

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out and voicing your concerns.

We can confirm that throughout 2020 Spotify will cease to be playable through 3rd party DJ apps. It's possible that for some users the service remains active a while longer, however it's not officially supported and we can't guarantee that it'll function properly. We always take retiring features in Spotify very seriously and we’re pouring our energy into new ways of creating the best experience for our users. We'll share any news on the matter on this page, as soon as there are any. 


In the meantime, you can post an idea on our board that requests that the integration with 3rd party DJ apps gets reintroduced. You can learn how do to this here. The Idea Exchange is a great way for us to see how popular a certain idea is with our users and helps us constantly improve the app. You can learn more about it here.


Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

225 Replies

It’s strange to me that Spotify’s integration with Djay was supposed to end on July 1st. It’s now the 5th and it is still there! Are they in negotiations again or what? In the mean time I converted all my playlists to Tidal but I’m a bit disappointed that there is no BPM analysis available before you load a song!! That totally defeats the purpose of designing a playlist or lineup. On the other hand I’m loving Beatport and Beatsource, instant analysis and the sound quality is crisp! The curated playlists are incredible too!

Workaround for analysis -

Put the songs thru auto mix and let them play overnight. I did that for a few days and done

Not ideal but - got it out of the way

I have also started to reduce dependency on streaming - obviously they only care for themselves !

It would be good customer service for Spotify to let us know what is happening. Since July 1 has passed, are they rethinking the decision? Users may be starting to go elsewhere and open communication may delay their departure.

I'll migrate to Tidal unfortunately 😞

Yeah, the same happened to me. I really hope that they will negotiate this.

I mean, the actual fact that I still use Spotify on djay to this day. 

Ah so Spotify Do check these forums! 
many response to any of these thirteen pages of comments and questions would be greatly appreciated 

Yeah it’s crazy they’re just silencing people and not even giving any answers... It’s like what my old boss (who wasn’t a good person) use to say to angry customers. “Thanks for your money”

Why don’t you all just enjoy what we have today and stop posting everyday that Spotify still works on Djay? Is it not great? Is it not what we wanted?

C’mon guys! Let it flow.....and let’s hope it keeps this way!

Really? How about today?

is gear another streaming app.  Breaks my hart I have been a huge fan of spotify from day 1 .  But if i can Dj with my paid for spotify music I will have to buy my music else where.   for the fists time in years I am look for a new music service.  Is their a copy right reason for the change.  I would gladly pay more for a pro DJ  license to fulfill extra fees for Artists to get payed more for the music I use. 

Still appears to be active today!

Let it flow man....

In fairness, as far as I remember Spotify was quite clear that even with djay pro, public use of Spotify on djay pro was still prohibited where as from what I can see with tidal, the responsibility lies with the venue holder to have the correct public performance licenses (PRS PPL in the uk for example)
Perhaps Spotify were getting miffed that algoriddim weren’t hot on stopping people from publicly using Spotify to DJ.

Ah well, it still works at least for now - which is kind of annoying as I don’t know if I should cancel my tidal subscription (I hate that it has no public playlists, and no auto analyse feature) or continue to bin off Spotify as a matter of principal
I guess only time will tell

It would be an agreeable feature though. It would make up for any accidental or unintentional unlicensed use of the artist’s’ material. Like a Spotify Pro account.

I am also a fan of Spotify integration in Djay. I bought all my equipment, thousands of dollars to give fun to my friends.

Spotify, please come back with a solution for us.

You cannot give up on DJs.

We trusted you since the beginning and that’s why we chosed Spotify.

Give us the possibility to have a DJ account for none commercial use.
Give a price, that’s it.

You cannot do this, that would be a real treason.

Please come back to us with good news.


Well I would say that DJ Pro users are more likely to refer their friends than standard users. We’re paying free advertisers for the Spotify service since when any of my friends have seen what I do to decompress they go wait, how did you do that? If they didn’t have a premium subscription before it’s 80% more likely they will/would. Tidal has got a bit of a challenge ahead of it.


Tonight I was at the beach DJing /w DJPro / Spotify with my family, and the neighbours put their thumbs up and said turn it up! I got up, walked over a spare UE Hyperboom and joined them into the party. It was fantastic, they txted me requests it was nice to see everyone happy. That’s because DJ and Spotify still work.

Thanks Spotify for giving me and my family these moments of joy! 😉

DJs and Spotify still work together if we can still integrate Spotify in DJ apps.

I never use Spotify for professional use because it’s online and too risky.

None of my professional friends do it.

Anyway, If Spotify turns back on DJ apps integration, it’s just a big treason.
It’s a lot of fun to mix with Spotify.

For pros and families.

We cannot do today with Tidal what we do with Spotify.

Tidal is more US oriented, the music is not suitable for Europe.

Spotify, please, rethink seriously your decision.

Give DJs a Pro account, don’t abandon them.

Imagine Apple turning back on Photographs or Musicians community...
Spotify, do you realize what you are doing and the effect on your brand regarding the long term period ?
I am nearly sure that the person that tool this decision won’t be there in 5 or 3 years. May be less.
Please don’t give up on DJs.
Have you not DJs in your employees ?
Aren’t they mad about this ?
Please DJs, amplify the pressure on Spotify.
Spotify certainly underestimates DJs communities and their influence. pressuring Spotify.

If that's the case then that is great news and I'm glad sense prevailed! 


I hope the integration stays forever!

I regard Spotify as the front runner in the online music streaming business, why not innovate and capitalize as oppose to stepping backwards in a service which there is clearly a demand for? The decision, if it does occur, seems utterly archaic in nature given today's digitization of Products. You build value into products by means of features offered to the consumer or spawn new services from it, not remove them. I'm perplexed Spotify.

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