[Spotify Offline] On Smart watches

[Spotify Offline] On Smart watches



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 I am an happy Spotify premium client when it comes to desktop or mobile.
But I mostly use Spotify in the gym or on the run and I have been extremely disappointed by the performance of the Samsung app on samsung gear smart watches.

It simply doesn't deliver what it should and it has been months with no response from samsung dev team.
This is un-acceptable.
Does anybody have a smart watch Spotify implementation that simply DOES work?

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Hey @aleben


Could you let us know what exactly isn't working on your smartwatch? Also, let us know your exact model. 


Double-check that you have have the OS and firmware up-to-date on the watch. 


Keep us posted.



Hi jemi,

I am on 
Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro GPS

it never really worked that well in general.
Crashing all the times, automaticaly skipping song, missing downloading songs...

A full disaster basically.
Mostly unusable.
Nowdays it also makes completly crashing the entire watch, causing it to stop working.
I will never buy a Samsung smart watch and I am also sad I can't find an alternative, being such loyal to Spotify(which I love as a service).


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