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Spotify Podcasts can't be played on Sonos devices

Spotify Podcasts can't be played on Sonos devices






Samsung Galaxy A40

Operating System

Android 11, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Hi there,

Since december my Sonos devices no longer recognize podcasts played from Spotify. When I'm connected to a sonos device via spotify connect and try to play a podcast from Spotify, the device icon is flashing but then nothing happens. When I try to select a device from my phone or desktop Spotify app while playing a podcast, nothing happens, almost like the app didn't even recognize the input.


  • I have uninstalled and logged out of Spotify on all of my devices.
  • I have unlinked and relinked the Spotify skill fromSonos
  • I have removed and reset all of my Sonos devices.
  • I have reset my network.
  • I've toggled allowing only local devices.
  • I've tried playing maybe 30 different podcasts in case my usual podcasts stopped being supported, but NONE of the podcasts would play.


27 Replies

Update: I tried another Spotify Premium account and everything workjed fine, so it seems to be related with my account. How is that possible?

Hi @user-removed,


Thank you for posting on the Community.


Great troubleshooting so far! There are other things we can try here to keep narrowing down this issue. 


To start, we'd like to know if this happens only with your Sonos speaker, or if it also happens when you try to stream to a different audio device. 


Also, could you try reinstalling the Sonos app and relink the Spotify account again? 


Let us know how this goes.

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Unfortunately i dont have any other devices, so i can just relate to sonos devices. Reinstalling the sonos app and relinking to my spotify account didn't. help.
A workaround the customer services adviced me to try was to open a new spotify account and transfer my old account to the new one. With my new account the issue doesnt occur anymore, but i had to reinvite all my family members to my spotify family account - so it's not really a practible solution and im still wondering why the podcasts didnt stream anymore...

My account is doing this too. I cannot broadcast podcasts, and I’ve tested multiple different types/brands of devices. Music works just fine. 

I logged into an old Spotify account, and it has no problem broadcasting podcasts. What gives?

This is why I came onto here today. I have exactly the same issue. Spotify podcasts don't connect to Sonos although they used to just fine.  I created a free dummy account and it connects to the sonos perfectly. So it must be an issue with my account. How can this be possible? Is it possible that Spotify can transfer me to another account? how do I speak to a human to get this done? TIA Bobby


Hi folks,

Thanks for your posts.


Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue on your original accounts.


If streaming podcasts to Sonos works on another account, we'd recommend transferring your Music Library over following this Guide. We know this might seem like a big step, however it's very simple and it's sometimes necessary if there is an issue with your main account.


@user-removed, we are all real humans here, but if you need additional help with your account transfer, you can reach out to our Customer Support team here.


Hope this helps. 

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I've got this same problem. Spotify podcasts won't play on my sonos while other things do. Have you got a fix for this yet or is it still a case of ignore tje problem and "make a new account"?

Creating a new account, will this new ccount have th history and such from the old ccount?

Strange. Who says it won’t happen again. It is a Sonos problem so Sonos should solve it. I am thinking of buying a new doubd system but very hesitant about Sonos for too many problems

Hey, so after 9 moths waiting for the technicians to solve the probelm, they fixed it. After asking what the problem actually was, I didnt get any reply....

My tip: Annoy the customer support as long as possible so that they forward your problem to a technician, wait and hope for a fix 😄

I'm having the same issue. Is there any known solution other than creating a new account?

I don’t even have the option to search for a podcast in the sonos app.

according to this:

it should be a filter but it’s not there.


Any ideas?

I've just purchased a Sonos system and love the sound quality BUT I'm really not enjoying the app. Every time I try to play an episode of a podcast in BBC sounds it disconnects the entire system so I have to uninstall and re-install. And I cannot locate my podcasts in Spotify, not sure whether to take it all back to John Lewis and try something else, any advice very much appreciated 

I have the exact same problem and it is true not just for my Sonos speaker but also did my Facebook Portal speaker. It says it’s about to play and nothing happens. 

Hey everyone,


Thanks for posting in the Community and apologies for the lack of updates on our side.


This issue has been reported to our technicians and fixed a few months back, so if you're still experiencing this, please try some basic troubleshooting steps like clean reinstalling the app, restarting your router and using a different connection by a different provider.


If the issue persists, please send over the models of your devices, your OS versions, Spotify versions and any additional troubleshooting steps you've tried on your end, so we can forward this to the relevant team.



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Hi MihailY, I'm still having this issue, details of my system are:


Google Pixel 4a

Android 13 build TQ1A.230205.002 


Sonos Move S1 version 11.7

I've tried clean installation of Spotify; removing and re-adding the Spotify connection in Sonos. This has been happening for over a year. 

Thanks for your help 


Hey @dparnell,


Thank you for your reply in this thread and apologies for the delayed response.


Just to check, have you tried restarting your devices and your router to make sure everything is synced up?


If the issue persists, could you please send us the link of this specific podcast? You can do that by clicking on the three dot menu of the podcast Lyubka_0-1677057961744.png and select "Copy Show Link" .Lyubka_1-1677057981120.png


On another note, does this occur only with one podcast or with all of them? Would you mind trying to stream different podcasts and see if you'll still experience this?

We'll be on the lookout for your reply. 

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Hi Lyubka, thanks for your reply. 


Many podcasts do stream just fine from my phone to my Sonos, but the problem ones seem to be from the BBC. 


Here are some examples that don't work:


Thanks, Dave

Hi there @dparnell 


Thanks for the info. If only some podcasts such as the BBC are not playing, this is most likely because they are either flagged as "mixed-content" and therefore cannot play over connect, or hosted outside of Spotify. You can find all the relevant info on that and share any feedback you may have on the matter on this idea.


Hope this clears things up.

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