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Spotify crashes on launch on Windows Phone 8

Spotify crashes on launch on Windows Phone 8

Since today, on my 820 Spotify does not want to start anymore ...

I reinstalled 2 times but it still doesn't work...



Thanks in advance


(sorry for my english I'm not native)

5 Replies

Hey there. Welcome to the forums.


Have you tried to connect using another Internet? If you use now, Wifi, try mobile network instead etc.


Let me know how it going.

I have a problem too but everythings looks normal, just my music dont play ! its just keep thinking all the time.. I tried with wifi too i have internet working on my phone.. (3G or everything )

@Bkr - Are you logging in using Facebook? 
If so might be worth trying logging in using your Spotify username and setting a special device password to see if that makes any difference? 

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I am having a similar problem on a Lumia 620. Installed Spotifynormally. When I launch it, it starts pulling down the playlists, but then bombs out. sometimes it almost loads all the playlists before bombing, other times it happens straight away. Any ideas as this makes Spotify unusable.

Have you tried @Peter__ 's suggestion?

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