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Spotify crashing Chrome OS

Spotify crashing Chrome OS

I have a Samsung chromebook, details of the OS below (copied and pasted):


Version 44.0.2403.156 (64-bit)
Platform 7077.134.0 (Official Build) stable-channel lumpy
Firmware Google_Lumpy.2.111.0
Until last night, my Spotify was working perfectly, and was probably my most used app. Since then, however, every time I open it up, it appears to load fine for 10s or so, but then without further explaination all my tabs close and a new one opens with a message saying something along the lines of "Chrome closed unexpectedly, would you like to reload your tabs or continue to your home page".
I've switched the computer off and on and deleted and re-installed Spotify. Same issues. The app works fine on my phone, so that's not the issue.
Any ideas?
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Hi there and welcome to the community,


Could you try doing a full reinstallation of the app, including removing your local cache/data files.

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