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Spotify defaulting to one song on multiple devices.

Spotify defaulting to one song on multiple devices.

I recently started playing Spotify and on my webplayer and android phone, it automatically defaults to one of my local files and when I try changing it on web player, it doesn't change. My desktop works fine and I can play any song, but I can't connect it to web player or Android. When I try, it just defaults back to that local file and is stuck at 0:00.


I've uninstalled/resintalled desktop spotify, I've logged out of each device, but nothing works. Even Discord shows that default song and nothing I do fixes it. I don't know what to do.


EDIT: I added a picture to show what I mean. It shows me playing one song on my Desktop, but I can't play that song on Web player at all and when I try to use Spotify connect, it goes to that same song in the Web Player across Android and Web.


UPDATE: It finally fixed itself. I don't know how, but it did.

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Same issue since yesterday. Nothing helped. No reinstallation etc. Very annoying.

Did you ever get it fixed or is it still happening?

It's funny since yesterday it works again but i cannot say why. I just opened Webplayer and started a different song and tried to connect another device and then i could connect to my HiFi Receiver and other Streaming Devices again. Sorry no solution for you guys. 

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