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[Spotify for Artists] ALBUM TIMELINE

[Spotify for Artists] ALBUM TIMELINE

Last year, I  released an album called Love scars

Which was built like a puzzle... 

I made 1 cover for the album and  a cover for each song 

Making The album the box and  each song  a piece of this puzzle. 


But As  right now,  an album can only have one cover 

So, being the solution person that I am, I released 12 singles and using the same UPC the album ...

I ended up with double issue;  24 songs and an album in my profile Not being recognized by the algorithm 


I contact you guys, answer was the platform is not capable we working on it... So I chose to  take the album down. 


I haven’t heard anything from about this issue and i am ready to come out again 

still the same idea but this time around I have the solution 



Today the Album has 


My Idea is to introduce a fourth AT = ALBUM TIMELINE




I am calling it.

AT : Album Timeline 

     Would be a 4th Number related to the album 

where the artist would have a  track containing the whole album. 

          AT Would be  presenting a whole new age for albums.   

AT Would force and allow better transitions from and to the album. 

AT would be pushing  the listener towards listening  a whole body of work. 


And Again also only  an OPTION.


AT would not interfere or change anything on the system currently running. Would simply be an extra option 


Spotify,  would just need to assign a number to all the albums already released, Or it could  be introduced as an option to have (artist decision) 


Even Beyoncé has already spoken on this matter 

 'Album culture dying'

Adding  this AT option, would bring life to it once again. 



The layout today is:



PROFILE __ Popular __ Discography __ select the album  _ now inside the album 


PLAY     LIKE . . . . 


# Title  __  AT  could replace the #  



Now the listener  would make the decision. 


Do I want to listen to the  whole Album with no skips? 

or do as they do today.


It's simple but, presenting AT  will cause a huge change in this age listeners. And a whole new era for albums.


I am really  hoping to get an answer from this post


I could change dates but if I don’t hear anything On January 1st

I plan on releasing my album once again already using this model.


Thank you for reading.


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