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Spotify is no longer available on ps4

Spotify is no longer available on ps4

Plan- free


Country- United States 




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(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)



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one night my ps4 went into power saving mode since I left it on to go eat, I logged back on the next day and got a message in the top right hand corner of my screen saying” database required” I was confused about that message but brushed it off. I then go to play my game and then wanted to listen to music, so I got to my quick menu to pull up my Spotify playlists and when I go over to my playlist there is a message saying” enchance your gaming experience with music, download Spotify”. Before all of this I have already downloaded spotify and everything was working just fine. I then decide to restart my ps4 to see if the music app glitched, nothing worked and I still had the message on my application. I then go to the ps4 store to see if maybe I deleted it by accident, I click” download “ but then I get a message saying “ cannot add the following to downloads because it is already on ps4” I then go to my library to try and delete the app and redownload it.. can’t do it. I then go online and find a video to rebuild the database hoping that would solve the issue, did everything in the video, still can’t access my Spotify. On my Spotify app it won’t even show my ps4 to connect through the app...


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Hey @Alyssa18! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


Are you still experiencing this issue?


Could you check if there is an firmware update for you Playstation 4 available?

This could help you to get your app back running again. ^^



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