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Spotify keeps randomly switching to Web Player


Spotify keeps randomly switching to Web Player

Lately, when I am listening to my playlists on my iphone 7 or my desk top computer, Spotify will randomly switch out of my playlist and on to Web Player and play a random song.  How can I stop this? 


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It probably is a Spotify problem itself. As for the most people it is switching to bailando and despacito which is also happening to me. Fix ur code brah.

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I am having that same exact issue. At random interval spotify will stop playing my music and go to random playlist.

This is hapening to me too, any fix?

I have same issue with an Android app

This keeps happening to me and it is upsetting me. I will be in the middle of a song and it will just switch. And it is not even any music close to what I listen to. I will be listening to Metalcore and it will switch to a singer-songwriter song or a rap song. Please fix.

I have this issue too and it always ends up playing spanish songs like despacito or bailando and I never listen to these songs and don't know how to fix it. 

I’m having this same problem, I changed my password thinking my account was hacked but it kept happening and I downloaded the web player to see if I could stop it and it still does it! It also follows random playlists that I don’t listen to or care for!

Having the same exact problem. Anyone figure this bug out yet?

I haven't heard of any fix yet.  But this is ridiculous.  I signed up for premium because I didn't want interruptions and ads.  This is far worst than an advertisement.  We should get some kind of credit for the last two months!  Spotify is a pain to try to contact for any assistance.

Hey guys, please try going to and resetting your password! I would also suggest using the "log out of all devices" function in your account settings and seeing how that goes 🙂

I have done this twice. Does not seem to be solving anything.

UGH! Same here.. and yes.. playing from my own playlist.. stops mid-song.. asks to play on web player, then pulls random song (often a spanish playlist or rap) from random playlist(s).. it also adds these playlists to my recent queue, so I have to delete them all.  I just did the change password option and hooping for best, but honestly this is so frustrating. Were we hacked? Please tell me this is being fixed.

I finally talked to someone at Spotify.  I had to reset all my passwords.  Not just the Spotify password, but the password to the email associated with my spotify account.  and also facebook password.  What a pain.  But they said this should help.  Too soon to say for sure but I'll confirm in a week or two if i have no interruptions. 

I have the exact same thing! Changed my password, deleted spotify completely and reinstalled it. Still doing it! And always the stupid Bailando!

Hey guys, if you're having issues with the Spotify Web Player hijacking your account, please take a look at this guide first:

If that does not appear to resolve your issues, then please contact Spotify Support through this link:

Hopefully this helps to sort the issue out once and for all!

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It probably is a Spotify problem itself. As for the most people it is switching to bailando and despacito which is also happening to me. Fix ur code brah.

I spoke to someone at Spotify about this.  I had to reset all my passwords associated with my Spotify account.  This means reset your email password linked to your account and even Facebook password if you have them linked.  I did this about a month and half ago and never had this issue again.    


Reset all passwords linked or associated to your Spotify account.  This will fix it!

Ok so I was struggling with this problem for over a month or 2 and mine is finally fixed. All you have to do is reset your passwords and go through the security protocol like they have listed on there help website. I would have never found this until someone changed the email and password to my account and I lost all access. So please change your passwords and such before this happens to you! I had to go through support and have everything reset!

Done both those things. Hasn't helped. Come on Spotify, get your head out your **** and answer this.

It helped me, thanks

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