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Spotify keeps stopping when using Alexa connected devices.

Spotify keeps stopping when using Alexa connected devices.

I have rebooted my router and devices, reinstalled the Spotify software, cleared my cache, and even worked with Spotify help, but issues still has not been resolved. Spotify will play on my laptop using my connected speaker, however, when I try to play through my Alexa devices, i.e. Echo Dots, Echo Show, etc., the song will last about 30-60 seconds and then it will just stop. This has become totally frustrating and I'm about to cancel my Spotify subscription. Any helpful advice would be appreciated.
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Hi there @sbenhoff


Thanks for reaching out. Does this occur only with Alexa devices? Does it occur across multiple Alexa devices? If you haven't tried this yet, disconnect Spotify from the Alexa service, then reconnect them again and make sure Spotify is set as the default music provider. Also worth trying is to create a hotspot with your phone, connecting all devices to that instead of your home W-Fi and testing if the issue persists this way.


Let us know how it goes.

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Thanks for your response on this.  After I uninstalled Spotify from both my phone app and my laptop, I told Alexa to play music and it started to play from my Amazon Music Prime account and then it did the exact same thing.  The music started playing and then it immediately stopped after a few seconds.  It's now looking like it may be an Alexa issue and not just a Spotify issue.  Any suggestions?

Hey @sbenhoff


Thanks for your reply. 


In this case, we suggest that you check if the firmware of the speakers has any pending updates. 


If there isn't any, since you mentioned that the issue isn't isolated to Spotify only, we'd recommend reaching out directly to Amazon support so they can take a closer look on their end and further assist you with this.


Let us know how it goes. 

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