Spotify no longer playing songs on amazon fire tv

Spotify no longer playing songs on amazon fire tv



after updating Spotify to the latest version (the one, where its no longer "only" a spotify connect app), it is not working anymore 😞

In fact, it plays songs correctly but only about 1/3 of my library!! The other ones are simply not starting (sounds crazy, doesn't it?).


I've checked everything I have in my mind (restarting fire tv, uninstalling spotify, checking if any fire tv update is available..)


Does anyone maybe have an idea?


Thanks in advance!!




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Exactly the same thing is happening on my Ps4, I waiting for Spotify to get back to me On Twitter with some form of work around. But if anyone here can help us? I suspect ourselves and the OP use the same app on different systems.

I have the same problem.  Fire Stick doesn't see most of the songs in my playlists but will play the same song from the song's album.  I can't select the song in my playlist from the PC app or the phone app though the songs are shown there.

Same Problem Here wither the new app. Most Songs aren't working on fire tv. Spotify connect via fire tv doesn't work, either.

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