Spotify not linking with google home mini

Spotify not linking with google home mini


Im a spotify premium user and everytime I try to link it with my google home, it does not work. I click 'agree' and then get stuck on this screen (screenshot below)

Could anyone help out please as its quite annoying.


Screenshot_20181229-132347_Samsung Internet.jpg
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Have you found any solution? I am also getting this issue and its very annoying


Also experiencing this same problem


My problem is now gone. Here is what Did  it for me:

I tried to link the account as before and when the blank page shown in the original post appeared I exited to home screen, leaving the Google Home App open in the background and in the blank screen. I left the Google Home App untouched for an entire day, and the next day when I opened the Google Home App the first screen that appeared was Spotify login screen. I entered my credentials as usual, and this time it worked! And after accepting the permissions this time it linked successfully. I hope that this helps you guys.

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