Spotify pausing itself frequently on all devices

Spotify pausing itself frequently on all devices







iPhone 8, Galaxy s8, web player (chrome), desktop player (windows 10), Samsung Smart TV

Operating System

Phones, Chrome and PC are all on most recent update, unsure about TV (I assume it updates itself)


My Question or Issue

My Spotify account keeps pausing itself randomly, sometimes running for as much as an hour but often pausing every few minutes. This has been an ongoing issue for a while on my samsung s8 but in the past week or so seems to have become more frequent and spread to more devices (I have not used my other devices until recently so whatever is causing it may have been going on longer).


I initially assumed it was that the account was compromised or I had left it logged in somewhere and therefore someone else was trying to listen at the same time. I have changed my password on both spotify and the email associated (although I have checked my providers log in records and there is no evidence the email is compromised), and used the log out everywhere option on multiple occasions with no success even immediately afterwards. 


Given the range of devices it doesn't seem to be a particular software bug, but if it is a compromised account I can't see any other options to secure it that I haven't already tried.


Any advice?

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