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Spotify pauzes automatically on IOS / Android and WEB when connected to Denon HEOS

Spotify pauzes automatically on IOS / Android and WEB when connected to Denon HEOS

Since a few day I am having problems with Spotify when connected to my HEOS Soundbar. I have selected the soundbar as connected device. The song plays, then after some time it automatically pauzes (also shows the play button again).


I have tried to log off everywhere. Still the same result.


I have tried to play songs on spotify via my iphone 6s

I have tried to play songs on spotify via my HTC android phone

I have tried to play songs on spotify via web player


Spotify only pauzes automatically when I am connected to DENON Heos.

If only playing on phones or web it doesn't pauze.


My HEOS is always connected to wifi and I can always restart.

What can be the issue and how can I solve it?


Thank you.








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Hey @MDV_153,


Are you still having trouble with this? First, make sure that:

  • All devices are on the same WiFi network.
  • Your Spotify app is up-to-date.
  • All devices’ software is up-to-date. If you don't know, check with your devices' manufacturers for how to update the version software. 

Also make sure that you have a stable internet connection. If you can, try using a different network.


Let us know how it goes 🙂


Hi @Jemi,


Yes unfortunately I keep having the same issues.

Kind regards,


Hey @MDV_153.


Thanks for keeping us posted.


Are you streaming through the Heos app, or directly from Spotify? Because I've read up that some people are having issues with the Heos app's connectivity with the speaker, so if that's how you are streaming your Spotify music, perhaps it's worth reinstalling it.

Let us know how it goes. In case you need any more help, we'll be right here 🙂


Take care,



Thanks a lot. I am streaming from the spotify App. Currently in contact with Denon as well, as it could be a wifi connection problem of the speaker, causing spotify to stop if the connection is lost for a split second.

Hey @MDV_153.


Alright - do keep us posted and let us know when they get back to you 🙂



I have the same problem, have tried everything that this and other forums say but no success. One slightly weird thing is that the songs always play to the end before the playback stops, it never ends in the middle of the song.

@essandras: my songs pauze in the middle. I called Denon, the suggested to send the log data when it happens via the Heos app. Based on that data they can try to contact you and find out what is happening.

Thanks! Will see what I can do. Could the HEOS support help you?
Experimenting a bit now, I have a feeling that it is the automatic screen
shut down which is the problem, the theory is that the song that is playing
when the phone shuts down the screen plays to completion but that the
playbeck then stops. Can't really understand why that should happen and why
the phone and the HEOS system even should have any contact while the
playback is active but it looks like this is the case. Will get back when I
have tried the theory a bit further.

I think I actually solved my problem, on Galaxy S9 Spotify is installed as a "application that always rests", not 100% sure what that is in English but it's a save energy setting under Battery. When I moved Spotify to "Unsurveilled apps" my problem vanished.

Hey guys, nice to e-meet. I’m facing the same isides between Spotify, HEOS and iPhone + Mac - music stops playing after while somewhere in the middle of a song. Thus, I’m happy to help so we get this solved.


What I got from your last comments is that it could either be a connection problem if the WiFi or between the apps, right? I will try to get a second WiFi router next week to try if that might work (currently using airport express) and also re-install all applications.


MDV_153, im more than happy to share my log data with the support, would be great if you had a description how to do so and how to get in touch with Denon. 


Any other ideas what we could do?

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