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Spotify stopped playing and clicking Play does not help

Spotify stopped playing and clicking Play does not help

I am using spotify just from today on a Linux box (Ubuntu 16.04.3) with firefox 59.0.2, and I start the play of an album, and then the first or second song just stops. Clicking on "Pause" and then "Play" does not help - the button stays in state "Play".


Do I have to reaload the webpage every 2 minutes or so to make it work? Or is spotify not suited to listen to music? Or is this a joke?




5 Replies

I have same problem.   Ubuntu 14.04   firefox 59.0.2.


This problem makes spotify completely unusable for me.

Same problem here.


Firefox 52.7.2 (32-Bit)


Could somebody please fix this?? 😞

Same pb with same versions 😉

Just read from another thread that this is now under investigation:

me too. but I'm on chrome in my iMac

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