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Spotify webplayer failing to work on Chrome, and Spotify failing to fix it for months and months.

Spotify webplayer failing to work on Chrome, and Spotify failing to fix it for months and months.

Plan: Unlimited (but not mobile; no longer offered.)
Country: UK
Device: HP Chromebook 11 G1 (daisy_spring)
Operating System: ChromeOS Version 72.0.3626.97 (Official Build) beta (32-bit)

My Question or Issue
Like many other Spotify clients that own a Chromebook and used to listen via the webplayer at or any of the Chrome extensions or "apps" that package the aforementioned webpage, I have been unable to now for months and months. Browsing, creating playlists, and anything that doesn't involve actual audio still works. But press play and...

"An error occurred. Spotify no longer supports this version of Chrome. Please update your browser for uninterrupted listening."

I note with annoyance that Spotify has officially declared this issue fixed:

Similarly moderator @Guido says so here:
But look at the replies to this comment! Users like @PaulTran107, @MAD_SHEEPz, @ninclemdo, @daniocp and myself all comment that, actually no, it hasn't been fixed for all of us.

Moderator @Katerina recommends posting a new thread about it (a new thread for the same issue, but whatever), so so be it.

I will state that the latest version of the Chrome OS at time of writing is 79.0.xxxx, and therefore my Chromebook running version 72.0.xxxx actually is out of date. This is because chromebooks have a "Auto Update Expiration date" after which they will no longer update. Thus there is nothing I can do to update to a later version of Chrome OS, checking for updates returns a "Your Chromebook is up to date" message.
So if it is the case that Spotify has officially decided this is not an error but planned obsolescence on their part please state so. I would be extremely disappointed and argue that simply on the basis that it used to work it still can: the breaking change must have come from Spotify's end. But at least it would be an answer.

I'd also point out that - and other users have mentioned this too - sometimes audio plays for a second or two before stopping as the error message appears.


I dearly hope that there is some more communication regarding this issue - any questions please ask - and who knows, perhaps even a fix!

Thanks, W

3 Replies

Plenty of views, but no responses - although I do see that none of my member links worked.
Ah, I see. You can't ping/link to any users who haven't already posted in the thread. Which currently limits me to linking absolutely no one. That's frustrating.

Still, as it is, I will cry out into the void.

@Katerina you recommended making a new thread. Please advise. (See: )

@Guido you are another moderator who should know what this refers to having previously (incorrectly) stated this issue as fixed.

@PaulTran107, @MAD_SHEEPz, @ninclemdo, @daniocp are all users I (attempted to) tag in the previous post - please complain here if it is still not working for you. @cpotter84 has also complained (on the same thread as linked to above) since I opened this thread.


Please, someone, respond, advise, inform, fix!

Hey there @boutboulman,


Thanks again for reporting this - we really appreciate adding all these details!


Keep in mind that the Ongoing Issue thread you mention was linked to a specific issue at the time that should be resolved. Since you were still experiencing issues, the best way to look into this would be a new thread like this so we can take a closer look 🙂


Just to confirm, are you logged in when this happens? Or, do you see this error message as soon as you open


Further, you mention that sometimes audio plays for a second or two before seeing this error message. In this case, it would be really helpful if you could try the following and let us know how it goes:

  • Try again after connecting to a different network connection
  • Try logging in with a different account if possible on the web player
  • Try accessing your account from a different device (preferably the desktop/mobile app) or a different Chrome OS device to see if the issue persists
  • Try in an incognito or private window in your browser

Any screen recordings of what's happening or screenshots of the error message you see would be very helpful as well - just make sure that there's no private/sensitive info displayed.


We'll be keeping an eye out for your reply, thanks!

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The ugly truth/solution is that Spotify doesnt support the older chromebook os software, there are no updates because the device has reached the end of its life cycle. Its so tough because now we have to buy new devices. 😞  Hope this helps

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