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Stop playlist bullying and false reports

Stop playlist bullying and false reports

So since december 2022 there have consistently been reports for my playlist "California Vibes 🌴LA Hip Hop Mood 2023", which I have been growing over the last 3+ years. I've tried to reach out to Spotify, without any result, and it has become quite annoying to deal with. By now, I probably have had more than a 100 or 200 times that this happened. Sometimes this was exactly every 15 minutes, sometimes it takes a bit longer. I don't feel like anything is wrong with the playlist and it doesn't give me any explanation either. If this is a way to try to try to harm playlists, it surely is successful since there doesn't seem to be a fix for this. So please, if you work for Spotify, help me and many others with this issue. 


Perhaps make the reporting less harsh or at least add reasoning, where wrong accusations have to be punished. I hope sincerely that this will be addressed since it seems to be an ongoing problem for some years already.


With kind regards,

Roses Collective 

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Hi @RosesCollective


According to Community Moderator @OscarDC, from this post,


"we don't have a current process about false reports, but the relevant team is already working on it. If you want to show your support, we'd recommend adding your vote to this idea by hitting the "thumbs up" button. We'd also suggest checking it's status for more info. Any relevant updates will be posted there."


See how the Idea Exchange works here.





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