Synced Multiroom Audio from One Account

Synced Multiroom Audio from One Account

Hi there,

I am seeking to use a one account to play to multiple speakers in sync. The devices I am wanting to play to are:

2x Amazon Echoes

1x Amazon Dot (Connected to stereo system)

1x Big Jambox by Jawbone

I have two devices that I can stream the music from - my laptop and my iPhone. 


The key for me is to have all the music in sync - it can be an ugly workaround by using offline mode as long as all the music is synced as you walk to each speaker.


My current ideas have included:

1) Laptop connected via Aux to Jambox (Possibly controlled by spotify connect from iPhone) and All Echoes and Dot playing from Alexa app.

2) I have thought about using a bluetooth splitter from my laptop to all the speakers - and using phone and spotify connect to control. I don't know much about splitters and this seems like a less feasible option to me.

What I am picturing is close to a Sonos system - just very ghetto. Looking for suggestions to make this possible in the best way.



Option 1: Multiroom audio through four bluetooth capable speakers and two streaming devices

Option 2: Multiroom audio through 5 streamable devices - how to sync?

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