Tablet forces shuffle


Tablet forces shuffle

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Hello. I have had a Kindle Fire for a few years now, as well as the Spotify app. On it, I have always been able to pick my song, create a queue, etc. However, starting about a week ago, I was no longer allowed to pick the song, but rather was forced to pick shuffle. Does anyone know why this has happened or possibly know what to do to be able to pick my songs again? *note: I have always used the free version, never premium.
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You need to be Premium to disable shuffle on Kindle Fire. Maybe they had some special offer of free Spotify Premium when you bought the Kindle Fire.
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EDIT: Sorry, I didn't know that it should be able to work.

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Thanks for getting back, but I know that I didn't have premium because I
still had the commercials.

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We have created an ongoing issue post on this, if you could please comment the details asked it would be much appreciated 🙂


You can find the post Here.


I hope this helped! 🙂