The number under a song

The number under a song

What does the number stated under a song really mean?

What is the 5 most popular songs of an artist or band based on (they are at least not directly related to the number under the song)?
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Hi Hultzkrantzen,


The number under a song shows how often it was streamed (since release)


The 5 most popular songs are based on which songs are streamed most at the moment (this Week/Month).









OK, thank you! That makes sense.

However, no one seems to know which time period the top 5 list is based on exactly! Is it the last 27 min or the last hour/day/week/month/quarter/year...does anyone know?! They should have better info in the app about these things...I can not find it anywhere. Maybe I am the only one curious about this 🙂

Pretty sure the artist has a say in what's shown as the top 5 because often the most streamed song isn't at the top of the list!

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