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TikTok UI scrobbles to LastFM without permission

TikTok UI scrobbles to LastFM without permission

Not only does the new TikTok UI exist and play Adele at me, which is bad enough, but it also scrobbles all of the things it automatically plays to LastFM. Please fix this asap, or, more ideally, take the TikTok UI and fire it into the heart of the sun.

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I came here to check on this as well. Scrolling my home page is now a nightmare; it’s just plain noise as I move down the page. I don’t use TikTok or LastFM, so have no idea what this is about, but can I opt out of this horror? At the very least, no auto play, please … I’m begging 🙏🏽

Agree. This new update is horrible and only suggests songs that are popular. And the layout is garbage too. 

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