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Tracks stopping after adverts - on both client AND webplayer

Tracks stopping after adverts - on both client AND webplayer

I have had this issue for months now, and it seemed to resolve itself about a month ago, after an update. Almost every time an advert plays, my Spotify just stops immediately afterwards. Sometimes it just sits there, with the ad image showing and the timer on 30 seconds, other times it 'plays' a blank advert of 30 seconds afterwards and then stops. Pressing play or clicking a song does nothing, the only way to fix it is to completely reopen the client.


As I mentioned above, this stopped happening after a recent update, but has started happening again. I've been using Web Player to get around it, but now it has started happening on there too! I have this issue on both computers, and a family member who also uses Spotify has also reported it happening.


I've seen a couple of threads on here with this issue, but no-one from Spotify seems to have offered any solution apart from reinstall the client, which I have tried MANY times now.

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I got the same problem exactly as you describe. I use the free version on Windows 10 via a Thinkpad with 2Gb memory, 32 bit op system at 2GHz. Never had this problem on my older laptop which was much lower spec and clock speed. This issue really irritates and annoys me.  The least Spotify can do is fees up and deliver a fix. I'm going to try a re-install one more time. If that doesn't fix it, to hell with Spotify! There are heaps of free players out there.

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