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Trouble Connecting Facebook to Spotify

Trouble Connecting Facebook to Spotify



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 I created my Spotfiy before my Facebook account and I tried to connect my accounts together. However, on first attempt I wasn't able to because it turned out that my spotify had a different email registered. However, every time I went to use the spotify app via facebook, it would redirect me to the spotify website, with my subscription plan and other details such as username. After changing the email on my spotify account, i tried to connect it to facebook again but with failure. On both attempts, it never popped up a new link to make me log in on facebook to connect my account? What do i do?

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Hey @_j5bs-x6mxtns,


This sounds like you either already have another Facebook-created Spotify account, or your Facebook profile is already connected to your account. 


We first suggest that you check out our guide to find any other accounts to see if you have two separate accounts with one connected to Facebook. 


If you can't find anything, you might have your Facebook profile already connected. Connecting a Facebook account to Spotify can take a couple of days to be applied on your profile. If you log in to your account page through Facebook, you won't be able to change your email address for instance, since the data is copied from Facebook. If you log in without Facebook, you will be able to change email address. 


Hope that helps! 🙂


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