Trouble logging into Spotify on Gear sport watch

Trouble logging into Spotify on Gear sport watch

I bought my girlfriend a gear sport watch pretty much entirely because she could stream Spotify from the watch to her Bluetooth earbuds while on wifi at the gym. She has signed up for Spotify premium and have installed the app on her s6 phone. We then installed the app on her watch. Trouble is when selecting wifi on her watch, it then prompts her to login. She puts in her username (we've tried her email as well as that crazy long user name that Spotify creates) and password which then causes a green circle to spin and spin. It keeeps on spinning without ever giving any kind of an error message. I've let it go for as long as 15 to 20 minutes. Does anyone have an idea why she is not able to log in? 


I am five hours into troubleshooting this and just about ready to cancel Spotify and return the watch. By the way, it's a joke that Spotify does not offer any phone support.... ridiculous. 

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