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Unable to play custom playlist with Google Home

Unable to play custom playlist with Google Home

Until a few days ago I had no issues, but lately when I tell Google Home to play one of my personalized Spotify playlists it doesn't.  Google Home says "Ok playing your Spotify playlist called..."  and then it plays a random public playlist on Spotify someone else created. 


I have a personal playlist for my daughter that contains songs from the TV show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, called Mickey, and today when I said "Ok Google, play Mickey" it said "Ok playing your Spotify playlist called Mickey."  The first song it started playing was a song called "My **bleep**" by Mickey Avalon.  I was appalled!  This is unacceptable and needs to be fixed.  This just recently started happening and  it happens regardless of which of my personal playlists I tell the Google Home to play.


I've tried resetting the Google Homes (even though it does this on all 4 of my devices) and unlinking and re-linking my Spotify account with no change in behavior.  Any help is appreciated so I don't have to worry about my daughter hearing profanity when she's expecting to hear songs from her favorite children's TV show.
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