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Use Spotify at work without mobile phone or desktop app

Use Spotify at work without mobile phone or desktop app

My work is banning the use of mobile phones at our desks for security reasons but they're happy for us to listen to music using mp3 players/ipods as long as they don't have a camera. 


I know you can get spotify on the ipod touch, but as it has a camera I can't use it at work (looked into getting the 3rd gen as it doesn't have a camera but IOS version isn't compaitble with current spotify app). Though I can currently access the Spotify Web Player, it won't take long for them to block it when they notice it getting used too much. I also can't download spotify onto my work laptop (though I can technically do it, would get in a lot of trouble if caught).


I'm looking for eaither a device I can download the spotify app onto which doesn't have a camera (and is not a phone) or a way to access the desktop version on a portable device - either way I need to be able to use them offline as I have premium and they've blocked spotify from the general wifi already.


Any help or advice is appreciated!

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have had the same issue.

Have a look at this product:



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