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Vastly underwhelmed by spotify connectivity options

Vastly underwhelmed by spotify connectivity options

Installed spotify free because of some recommendation about  similar music options.

Started a song by Brian Eno. Got Bowie. Got Roxy music. Ok nice but limited.

After some research found out I can make a playlist from let's say 4 ambient artists and start Playlist radio.

The effect was exactly  what I wanted. Various high quality ambient including unknown stuff.


Now one little step to go: get it on my stereo in stead of my computer.

Read that for connectivity options you mostly need a premium account, so I subscribed.

Then it all went wrong.


I got a pivos media player with XBMC, a chromecast and a squeezebox 3. Either it is not supported (chromecast), installation fails (xbmc) or playlist-radio is not suppported (logitech media  player triode plugin).

Seems like this puppy is out of the window after trial.


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