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Visual Guide: Create an Offline Radio Playlist

Visual Guide: Create an Offline Radio Playlist

Hey All,


This was originally posted as a response to an inquiry in the Newcomers and Contribution section.

(You can find the original post/thread here:


The question posed was: Is it possible to download a song list out of Spotify Radio at home (with wi-fi), and listen to it offline on my mobile phone?


Last year, I was on my commute and had the same thought whenever I took the subway. After some tinkering, I came up with an effective solution that works beautifully. It also works as an interesting tool to find new music. Using this technique (described below), you can quickly find similar music based on a playlist, artist, album, or track and add it to a playlist; allowing you to listen and curate without having to skip through songs one by one.


So, feel free to try this out and let us know if it works for you. Feel free to post other solutions or ask questions, I'm more than happy to answer or shoot the breeze on all things Spotify.




// Jon



Visual Guide: How to Create an Offline Spotify Radio Playlist


Step 01

Navigate to the Radio tab and select a radio station.


Step 02

Click Play and wait for your station to load.


Step 03

When the music starts to play, press pause.




Step 04

Click the icon to access your Play Queue.




Step 05

Here you can see the current track, and scroll to see up to 50 upcoming songs from your radio station.




Step 06

Select music from your Play Queue and add it to a New Playlist.


Final Step

Navigate to your New Playlist on your phone and select Available Offline, to sync your music.


Enjoy your new offline radio playlist!


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