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Volume Resetting

I usually have the web player's volume turned down to about 70% for casual listening. Today, I tried turning it up to the max so I could hear it in the next room, but every few seconds it resets to the level I usually keep it at.

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Hi @Debatra ! 🙂
Welcome to the boards and thanks for posting!
This sounds like an unusual glitch and I am wondering if you have already tried clearing your browser cache and cookies? Sometimes doing a clean sweep will clear up any odd activity. Feel free to reply if that doesn't help or has already been tried and I will see what else I can do. 

Have an amazing day! 🙂

And now I feel silly for not trying that before. All seems to be well. Will update if anything goes pear-shaped.

Hi @Debatra !

That's fantastic news! Glad to hear it's all worked out now. 😄

Aaaand now it lasts about a minute before resetting.

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