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[WP 7.5] Is there app WP 7.5 for Ireland Marketplace?

[WP 7.5] Is there app WP 7.5 for Ireland Marketplace?

Is there an app available for ireland

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Hey there!


I'm not sure. I ask from staff.

No response from staff because of weekend.


But I think the main reason is that app is not edited in Marketplace to Support your country or this is not apporved yet by Microsoft.


I try to get an official response soon.


Watch this space for updates.

thanks for helping.

We should be enabling Ireland on WP 7.5 this week.

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Great, I'm new to spotify and am loving it

Just heard it may not happen. I'll post when I have more.

Community Ergo Sum

Ah really?


Seems silly to have the service available in ireland, but no mobile app.

Any reason for this?

I think reason is Microsoft. They don't allow new apps to Marketplace 7.5, because there is WP 8.0 now.


In my opinion all 7.5/7.8 phones are now something like junk in Microsoft eyes. 😞


However this is not Official reason, just my opinion.

Is Windows Phone 7.8 not a future release? 

It would make no sense to stop new application submissions already!



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The official spotify app is available in other country stores, seems sill not to make it available in ireland

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