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[WP 8.1] Client stops working when skipping songs

[WP 8.1] Client stops working when skipping songs

Bug occurs randomly when skipping songs.


1. Plug headphones in phone
2. Open Spotify

3. Play a song in a downloaded playlist
4. Hide Spotify (to the background)
5. Press volume up or down, so the Windows Phone music controls pop up.
6. Press the next song button a lot of times really fast (for 10 to 30 seconds)
7. The app crashes, causing the music to stop playing. 


Preview of bug:

In the video I press next a lot of times, really fast, to let it crash. Normally it happens randomly when I'm on the bus or something and i'm just skipping a few songs.


I tested this together with Juan from the Spotify support team. I tested this with multiple accounts on my Lumia 930. I also tried to reinstall the app, but it didn't work.

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for most of us spotify isnt even working at all.

for me songs stop after 1-2 seconds and I have to retry to start the song about 20 times until it works.


the app is just total **bleep** and noone from spotify is working on it.

only hope is they make a new app for windows 10. If not I'll be gladly going to Deezer

I agree. I'm lucky the app works. But I have to say, it is very very slow.

And is also agree on using another streaming service if they are not going to fix things for Windows 10.

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