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[WP8] Better Design and Features

[WP8] Better Design and Features

I've been a user of Android for almost a couple years, and it have been a great time using Spotify on my Note II. But when I switched to Windows Phone, it seems it's not there yet.


The UI looks more like an port from Android, lacking the visual guidelines of WP. And it lacks the "My Library" menu, which provided my artists and albums like Android. Now I need to keep searching my artists, and the playlist isn't an ideal solution.


Now I can't even follow or disfollow the Artists... and the search isn't as smart as it is on Android. I need to keep switching between the tabs to find the thing I want.


And worse than that, I have a premium subscription and every time I start the app it says that i'm using a trial.


Can you guys help me with the "My Library" funcion and the trial thing?




Igor Moreira

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Hello and welcome to the community!


Regarding the trial thing, is your account overview saying you have premium? If so, i suggest you to contact Spotify support using this contact form. If you get an automated reply just reply back to speed things up.

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Do you have any position about the other app issues i said above?

Igor Moreira

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