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[WP8] Day 77 still no Spotify on Windows Phone 8

[WP8] Day 77 still no Spotify on Windows Phone 8

I recently switched to a Lumia 820 and was deeply disappointed to find out that my favourite app isn't available in the Store.

As a Premium user i consider canceling my account, since WP8 has been release on October 29, 2012.
Concidering the fact, that the release of this platform has been announced a long time before that, one can argue that enough time was given to Spotify to provide us with an app.

I know its release is planned for Q1 2013, but that information just isn't good enough for paying customers, since they can't use your service until then. Would you rather us cancel our subscribtions or would you grant us a refund until the release day?

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Have a look at this thread:


Lot of WP8 owners (including me) have or/ and are planning on cancelling their premium sub, and move to some other services like Wimp/ Deezer etc. Seems like devs at Spotify have gone on vacation 🙂


I downgraded my Spotify account to the $4.99 version so I can still listen to my playlists on the PC without the ads - and then I just joined up for XBOX Music. It's not better than Spotify, but it holds me over until they get their **bleep** together. Very disappointed in Spotify & Nokia.


Spotify because they should have had this app ready to go from launch date - and even if they needed more time to get the app ready, they should have at least given us the capable WP7.5 app to hold us over until then. Not being able to listen to my large-ass collection that I've spent two years building is slowly driving me crazy. And building Playlists on XBOX music is the biggest pain in the world. 


Disappointed in Nokia because they are advertising the Spotify app on the front page of their darn webpage giving the impression that it will work with their new phones.


I think we should start a new thread for every day they don't release the app. All of your Spotify customers would be perfectly happy with the 7.5 app to hold us over, but not even offering that option has spawned mass hatred for the company and caused countless cancelled subscriptions. I don't understand how a business can operate this way.

I'm on day 47 and still no solutions or response from Spotify 😞  So sad as Spotify has revolutionised my musical life.  I've been a premium user for 3 years now.  So frustrating I can't use it on my windows phone.

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