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[WP8] problems with offline playlists

[WP8] problems with offline playlists

I have approx 1Gb available in internal memory on my Lumia 820 to save offline playlists (can't save to SD card if course!)

I recently filled up all the available memory so removed some older playlists that I rarely play. The problem is that removing the playlists hasn't actually made any new space available and I still can't save any new playlists! So it appears that it is impossible to completely delete a playlist from my phone.

Is this the way the app works for everyone? Any ideas to work around this? Many thanks! Paul
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It should clear the space given a little time (which is what the other apps do), content doesn't get removed straight away just in case you accidentally undownloaded it.

Sometimes it doesn't quite work correctly (most notably on iOS) and in that case uninstalling the app and resyncing (which is a huge pain) is the only way to clear out the data.

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