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Web Player Error

hi! i use spotify web player since 2016 and i never see a error similar to this. The problem is this:
When i click to Login with spotify it opens web player BUT main menu is stuck in with a uncomplete spotify logo and a Log in with spotify button When i click a playlist or a album it doesnt plays... I want to play music. Please Help!
(I use chrome and my os is windows 10..)

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Hi, I suddenly had the same problem with Spotify web player on my home PC (Win10, Chrome). I was prompted to log in (despite before I did not log out) and had the same incomplete spotify logo. I was kind of logged in because I could see my music, etc. but nothing happened when pressed play button. But spotify worked on the same home PC via Spotify desktop app.


Spotify web player just stopped working on Chrome, Edge, Opera. I cleared all cache on Chrome etc. Restarted PC and router. Nothing helped. But at the same time spotify worked (I could play music) on my Android phone and (what's interesting) on my work laptop (Win10). 


I checked if my Win10 has any updates and there were some. I installed them and restarted my home PC but Spotify web player didn't work anyway. Then I noticed that PC shows wrong local time (+1hr). I checked time settings but timezone was correct. Then tried to manually correct the time and fiddled around automatic time settings.... and then Win10 corrected the time zone. And to my great surprise after that Spotify web player started to play music on my home PC.

Perhaps this is just a coincidence but maybe this can help anyone out there with the same problem. I am not sure what was the problem.

Thanks man. That was the solution! The local time on my computer was incorrect for whatever reason as well. Chainging it back manually to the correct time, the spotify web player worked again as usual.

Ok, I'm glad it helped 🙂

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