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Album Unavailable

I was alerted of BTS's new album being released "Face Yourself" and I was listening to some songs before it so all had to do was either search for the album or go on BTS's page. Finally I save the ablum and click play and there's nothing. It doesn't play. I thought spotify was having a difficulty/bug so I tried the following

  • Closing the tab and starting again (no improvement)
  • Closing google and restarting (no improvement)
  • restarting computer (no improvemnt)
  • loging out at relogging in (no improvement)

At this point i though it was blocked based on BTS and BigHit Ent. But it's not and is available for literally everyone else. Also the songs are NOT greyed out. all of them were white and clickable. All i got was a messge at the top of my screen saying song unavailable for all of the songs. My account was made in the US and im currently not in the US and I am using the web player.


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**bleep**, this is happening to me too, and I thought the problem was on my side.

Yes, it stated "the song is unavailable" or something along the line.


Thank you for posting about this! We have to let Spotify know.

ok, just to clarify, that bleep thingy was just me typing oh my god.

i didn't type any f or curse words.... -_-"

I'm currently facing the same problem. I am able to play any other song on the spotify web player and have it work just fine, except for the "Face Yourself" album. I ended up just listening to the songs on YouTube, but I don't understand why this won't work. If after a while you still aren't able to listen to it, I suggest just viewing them through YouTube, iTunes, Soundcloud, or Amazon Music. I'm sorry I wasn't able to help, but I hope your (as well as my) problem get solved soon.

Me too facing this problem! Playing the album in mobile app was okay, but in web browser it showed exactly the same thing as u screenshot. I'm from Malaysia. Hope Spotify can clarify and fix this problem. Thanks for bringing this up as well!

guys! Spotify has fixed the problem!

I can listen to the album on web player now!


Let's streeeeaaammm~ =D

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