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[Web Player] Issue: Unable to Follow users in Chrome


[Web Player] Issue: Unable to Follow users in Chrome


So as the title states, I have been having this issue while using the browser player (in Chrome), specifically in that I am unable to find any social buttons on a user's main page. The biggest problem I have with this is that there seems to be no "follow" button for users. The page simply lists their public playlists, and that's all I can view and navigate to. Of course, I can follow the individual playlists on their own page, but I'm confused as to why I wouldnt be able to follow the user - or creator - of those playlists.
The main reason I bring this issue up is: Following a user seems to be a somewhat important step when these users allow open submissions to their playlists. If I, or any other musician/group for that matter are unable to follow their user page, we are then automatically disqualified from entering a proper submission to them.

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