Web Player Not Playing the Right Song

Web Player Not Playing the Right Song

So, this started just the other day. I have an HP Chromebook and was listening to Spotify on the web player. It was working fine, but then when I tried to change the song in my saved songs, it played a different song from the one I chose. For example, I tried playing Worst Behavior by Drake, it played Prismism by Battles. This happens consistently, whenever I try to play Worst Behavior, it plays Prismism. This happens with every song on my saved list. If I try to play one song, Spotify decides it wants me to listen to a different one. I haven't seen any other forum posts about this issue, and it's making Spotify almost unusable for me. This is only happening on my Chromebook, not on the web player or desktop app on my pc at home. I've also included a video of the occurence. Thanks for the help. 

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I am also having this problem. Did you find a fix?

Not yet

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